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What Is Grihastha - Kisaan Apke Dwaar ?

Grihastha is a Social Enterprise, established with the primary goal for the betterment of farmers of Eastern Uttar Pradesh, by creating a mechanism, so that they can avail the fair price for their productivity. Grihastha strengthens farmers through various capacity building and training programs. Currently, Grihastha has connected 225 farmers of Varanasi region with 2000 consumers, in and around Varanasi.

By proving as an effective initiative in strengthening farmers, Grihastha has been recognized by Government’s RKVY (Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojana) and it is now incubated under RKVY-RAFTAAR Agribusiness Incubator scheme, by Ministry of Agriculture, Govt. of India.

How Grihastha Formed ?

In Easter Uttar Pradesh, the living conditions of farmers are worrying, primarily, because of a lacking system of fair price deal for their products. This is due to reasons like, no direct access to customers or market, hurdle in the form of middle men.  There is a general malpractice exists widely in Eastern Uttar Pradesh, where farmers cannot decide the price of the output product of their cultivation. Instead, notorious middlemen dealers, who may be businessmen, wholesalers or stockists decides the price which won’t even meet the basic fair price. These middlemen dealers act as a systematic wall in-between farmers and the market/customers and they wait for a long time to convince the farmers to make the deal at their desired price. Left with no other better options, these farmers give-up and strike the deal with these middlemen dealers. The harsh fact is, most of the time, the price fixed by the dealers don’t even meet the actual production cost which directly impact the farmers in the form of loss, but the same product of the farmer product gets a fair enough price in the market, due to demand. Due to transportation and storage facilities, sometimes these farmers sells their products in credit system, where they get their payment in part from 3 to 6 months. The middlemen dealers are not only able to being the products to the market using their transportation, they also keep the stock in their storage and wait until they could reap the more than the fair profit from the market.

Considering all the above facts, Samahith foundation found an idea, where farmers themselves can become the seller and sell their products directly to the consumers. Most farmers welcomed this idea and they willed to join so that they can reap the fair price benefit. Thus, GRIHASTHA was formed, a unique marketing technique was adapted "kisaan aapke dwaar" (farmer at your door) where the way has been paved for farmers so they can began their journey directly towards consumers.


How do Grihastha work ?

Grihastha has established a processing unit near Bhadohi district in Uttar Pradesh, where farmers send their products. To resolve the transportation issue from farmer’s end, Grihastha facilitate the transportation through a mid-heavy truck financed through Bank. Once the farmer’s product reach the processing unit, a well-organized team of female workers clean, process and pack those products. Then, the packed products gets transported to Varanasi Office of Grihastha, from where it reach consumers.

How does farmers reap the benefits ?

Farmers connected with Grihastha get the full payment for their product in a fair price deal, as soon as the products reach the processing unit and verified. To ensure the transparency regarding fair price, Grihastha involves willing farmers in the entire process beginning from processing to selling. Also, to ensure the connectivity between Farmers and consumers, Grihastha organizes a Social Audit and get-to-gather program, on yearly basis.

Strengthening of Farmers

Samahith foundation facilitated training programs and workshops through experts, to farmers, on examining of grains, crops and marketing of their products. The farmers were further trained on increased productivity, packaging of the products through machinery packaging and on selling vegetables.

Response of the consumers

Grihastha began delivery of farmers’ products in and around Varanasi district of Uttar Pradesh. While Grihastha was appreciated by farmers for providing a sustainable mechanism to get fair price for their product, on other hand, Grihastha received immense positive response from consumers as well. Consumers benefitted by getting the products which is superior in quality, purity and freshness. Consumers shared their feedback that they were eagerly waiting for such initiative from farmers because they mostly suffered due to adulterated and poor quality products. Grihastha also ensures the safety and convenience of consumers, hence, directly delivers the products at their door step, which is welcomed by all the consumers and they are very much satisfied to get such graceful services.

Grihastha-A brand of farmers by farmers for farmers

Grihastha is emerging as a farmers’ brand around Varanasi region, while gaining trust among consumers as well, for pure quality and fresh products. Grihastha preparing to broaden its goal and visions to strengthen farmers of entire Uttar Pradesh not only to free themselves from the clutches of middlemen,  but also to improve their livelihood status sustainably and to gain a reputed status in the modern society.

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