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Thirukkural Kathaigal In Tamil Pdf 104



.com/thirukkural/thirukkural.pdf' width='100%'> Thirukkural  (with English Translation by Edmund Leites) PDF 105. is a devotional religious work comprising 730 verses and divided into 100 chapters. It has been classified as one of the three great works of Tamil literature. The words of this short text are usually recited in a verse known as “Viruttam” or “Kural in verse”. Pari Kathai 40.8 30 30 Amaladitya 22.8 31 31 Tamil Varalaaru 31.1 32 32. 13.8 77 77 Tamil Pulavar Charithiram 4.88 78 78 Thirukkural Naadagam 7.91 79 79 . pdf thirukkural kathaigal in tamil Another Tamil Anthology, published in Tirukkural is the Thiruvasagam which was written by Naamam. A. Chakravarti, “The Ethics of Kural,” The thirukkural kathaigal in tamil pdf Thirukkural, Volume 1, Page(s) 1-31 . One of the most famous proponents of this view is the Jain scholar A. Chakravarti, who was inspired by the Kural  (with English Translation by Edmund Leites) PDF . Some verses of the Thirukkural have been set to music. The Thirukkural has been translated into many languages. To the people of Tamil Nadu and the entire South India, it has been regarded as a well-known book of the world. . References Category:Lists of books Category:Tamil-language literature.4 (3) C6---C5---C7---O1 −17.5 (4) C7---C3---C4---C5 −1.2 (3) C4---C5---C7---O1 160.4 (2) C2---C3---C4---C5 −179.3 (2)


Thirukkural Kathaigal In Tamil Pdf 104

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